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Centre of Excellence

Research & Development

Sydney Brachytherapy Group participates in research and development at the University of NSW and contributes to OncoBeta’s International Skin Cancer Registry. Our visiting medical specialists are affiliated with Australian universities and engage in the education of specialist doctors, doctors in training and medical schools.

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Sydney Brachytherapy Group aligns with Vivascope for Confocal Reflectance Microscopy (RCM), Heine Optotechnik, Germany, for the Loupes/Dermatoscopy and Vivosight Germany for Optical Coherence Infrared Tomography (OTC).

Become an SBG Provider

As a tertiary referral medical facility, SBG can add a complimentary service to your current mainstay skin cancer treatment options. Find out how your practice can become affiliated and how you and your patients will benefit.

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